The African Children’s Choir Puts Out A Call For Assistance

The ACC Academy is committed to providing children who are less fortunate with an outstanding residential and educational facility by placing students in an environment in which they will be stimulated to continue building on the academic and musical excellence they  have achieved during their time as members of a Choir tour. The Academy will serve up to 400 children and involve all the basic schooling facilities: school rooms, dormitories, a dining hall, staff housing, guest housing and musical training facilities, to name a few. This program is designed so that the children may grow to become influential leaders able to affect positive change in their continent.

MFL (Music For Life) has committed to funding the post secondary education of former choir members and continues to prepare students to achieve good grades on high school entrance exams. Upon completion of secondary school, many of these young adults continue in college and university programs, where they train to become doctors, engineers, social workers or other professional leaders in Africa – bringing the vision full circle. In order to ensure educational quality, class sizes are kept to a minimum. Highly trained and dedicated teachers offer the core curriculum which includes computer studies, art and languages. The Academy will also serve as the Choir training center for faculty and staff.

Originally purchased to serve fifty children, the five-story building has swollen to currently house 100 children as the organization struggles to  meet the growing demand. The Academy sits landlocked on a city street in one of Kampala ’s poorest neighborhoods amidst a busy, overcrowded environment. Without playgrounds or fields, the children are confined to the school grounds during the week. In addition, many hundreds more cannot be served due to space constraints. Furthermore, basic amenities such as a library, computer lab, science lab, open space for recreation and quiet times are unavailable at the Kampala facility.

The ACC Academy is committed to bettering its educational facilities and plan on relocating our Academy to its property off the shores of Lake Victoria. They need your assistance so as to bring their vision of a better Africa into fruition. They will be in New York City on November 6th & November 7th and are available for interview opportunities.To find out more, visit