Japan Society On Future Building

In U.S.-Japan Innovators Network Community Dialogue: Innovation & the Art of Future Building, the Japan Society plans on exploring ways to establish a better future for devastated communities in need of rebuilding.

A symposium entitled, U.S.-Japan Innovators Network Community Dialogue: Innovation & the Art of Future Building will be hosted by the Japan Society. It will help people envision a better future for communities in need of rebuilding, whether it’s a community coping with natural disaster, an individual rebounding from homelessness or online networks sharing information vital to recovery. In Japan and the United States, top innovators are forging new modes of problem-solving for the 21st Century.

The program will feature notable participants in Japan Society’s U.S.-Japan Innovators Network. Marty Ashby, Executive Producer of MCG Jazz, will discuss

 how improvisation and collaboration are critical ingredients for recovery. Rosanne Haggerty, founder of the supportive housing non-profit Common Ground Community, will share revolutionary models of long-term solutions for the homeless and how they affect society as a whole. Kohei Nishiyama, CEO elephant design, will demonstrate how his successful design-to-order product model can be utilized to create virtual networks of idea-sharing that lead to tangible solutions. Finally, Jay Weigel, Executive/Artistic Director for the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans, will highlight work he has done on post-Katrina restructuring and the powerful role arts and culture play in strengthening communities and rebuilding after devastation.

The event takes place Tuesday, May 20 at 6:30 p.m. at Japan Society in New York, NY. A second presentation takes place Thursday, May 22 at 6:30 p.m. at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans, LA. Both events are open to the public and include live performances by Grammy winner Marty Ashby and local jazz musicians from each city.