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World Music CD Reviews Reggae & Caribbean


By Vikram Patel
Published September 8, 2005

Roots Controller
Real World

Along with Matumbi, Steel Pulse and Aswad, Misty in Roots was one of West London’s biggest reggae acts. Formed by the brothers Walford and Delvin Tyson in 1978, the band had a deep roots sound and a healthy local following, but never quite broke as big as any of the others. Although they recorded sporadically into the ’80s, their career went into dormancy and most fans assumed that they were a thing of the past until they suddenly sprung back to life in 2001 with Roots Controller. The album features six new tracks from these formidable veterans and five older ones culled from the previous output, and it’s telling that it’s hard to distinguish them apart. New tracks like “True Rasta And “Cover Up” pack the same punch as such vintage material as “Man Kind” and “Ghetto Of The City.” While Misty in Roots never quite got over like their brethren, their “rootical,” gospel-inflected sound has stood the test of time admirably.