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World Music CD Reviews Greater Latin America


By Ernest Barteldes
Published September 13, 2005

Duos II

After taking on the poetry of Pablo Neruda on her previous album, the classically trained Souza returns to her Brazilian roots with Duos II, which features a handful of guitarists from her native land as sole accompaniment for several songs old and new. The sad lyrics of Chico Buarque’s classic divorce samba “Trocando Em Miúdos” (which somewhat translates as “To Make A Long Story Short”) sounds even more poignant in Souza’s voice: “You can forget about any hope of recovery/You can melt or pawn that wedding ring/...I close the door without making a sound/One more drink and the realization that it’s too late.” On the original samba “Muita Bobeira” (A Lot of Foolishness), guitarist Romero Lubambo delivers a breathtaking succession of chords (recorded in one take) that gives the otherwise simple song a sophisticated, jazzy feel. Pay close attention to “Você,” a previously unrecorded song by Walter Santos and Tereza Souza (Luciana’s parents) that receives a dreamy, psychedelic feel in the hands of the effect-laden electric guitar of Guilherme Monteiro.