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World Music Festivals

The All Roads Film Festival
September 22, 2005 - September 25, 2005

The All Roads Film Festival, Presented with American Cinematheque is a Dynamic Multimedia Event Incorporating Film, Live Music & Art  
Egyptian Theater
Los Angeles California


The All Roads Film Festival, presented with American Cinematheque in Los Angeles, is a dynamic multimedia event incorporating film, live music, and art, so audience members can immerse themselves in an insightful and deeply personal cultural experience.  The aim of the All Roads Film Project is to provide indigenous filmmakers with opportunities to tell their stories in their own voices. The project is an exciting new forum for indigenous and minority-culture storytellers to bring their lives, experiences, and cultures to new audiences.

The All Roads Photography Program recognizes and supports talented photographic storytellers from around the world who are documenting their changing cultures and communities through photography. The program provides a forum for photographers to showcase their work to a global audience with the opportunity to engage and experience, first-hand, the unique and essential voices of these artists through exhibitions, panel discussions, and workshops. Screenings of animation, music videos, feature-length films, documentaries, and shorts from around the world, Networking Sessions for project filmmakers, designed to forge strong connections with studio executives, actors, and film distributors.

Featured this year is work from these 2005 grantees:

Marcela Taboada: Women of Clay (Mexico)

Sudharak Olwe: In Search of Dignity and Justice—The Untold Story of Mumbai's Conservancy Workers (India)

Neo Ntsoma: South African Youth—Kwaito Culture (South Africa)

Andre Cypriano: Rocinha, An