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World Music Concerts & Festivals

Carlo Vutera and Friends
October 13, 2005
Satalla, 37 W. 26 St.
New York New York


Native Sicilian Carlo Vutera is an opera singer that has lived in Italy, Belgium and New York, where he has mainly worked with the New York Lyrical Theater on many tenor parts. In 1997 Carlo settled in Havana, to work with the renowned coach and pianist Pura Ortiz sang many leading roles at the National Opera House, for the next three years. These years in Havana changed his life and artistic trajectory forever. Carlo fell in love with the music traditions of the island, and last year he returned to Cuba to record an album that salutes both the popular Neapolitan repertoire and Cuban traditions. Carlo worked with some of the best talent in Havana, to produce a luscious, organic fusion of love traditions “Ammore,” also available in Spanish as “Mi Amor.”

On Thursday, October 13 at 10:00 PM Carlo will be presenting “Ammore” for the first time at Satalla, together with a stellar lineup musicians from Cuba and elsewhere – Octavio Kotan on guitar (Los Van Van, Isaac Delgado), Yayo Serka on percussion (Lila Downs), Yunior Terry on Bass (Steve Coleman), Adonis on piano, and Sara Bernstein on violin. Admission to the show is $15