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World Music Festivals

Haitian Jazz Music Festival
October 9, 2005
S.O.B.'s, 200 Varick Street
New York New York


Haiti has long been home to many great jazz musicians. Unfortunately with the dominance of Konpa Music, many Haitians have sort of ignored this genre of music, and these musicians, but there are a small minority of Haitians in Haiti and abroad that are very fond of jazz music and have shown serious support to the Haitians musicians who dedicated their lives and craft to playing jazz music, despite the fact that it’s not the dominant and popular art form in Haiti.

This year, SOB'S decided to create an event and a platform to honor these serious musicians under one roof on one stage. The thought of having: BOULOT VALCOT, REGINALD POLICARD, THE WIDAMAIER BROTHERS, BUYU AMBROISE, MOZAYIK, BEETHOVA OBAS, EMELINE MICHEL, ETC… on the same stage on October 9th, can send chills throughout the bodies of the many fans that love these artists and the musical genre that they play.