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World Music CD Reviews Greater Latin America


By Ernest Barteldes
Published September 2, 2005

Six Degrees

Following in the footsteps of what was done with 2000’s Tanto Tempo, Bebel Gilberto’s label now presents this album with remixed versions of her 2004 release with a clear intention of easing the Brazilian singer’s songs into the club/lounge market. In the hands of DJs from all over the world, some of the songs are actually bettered. For instance, “Simplesmente” receives an acid-jazz treatment in the hands of Tom Middleton, and Tom “Shur-I-Kan” Szirtes’ Rhodes piano solo takes the track to a completely different level. The cheerful Gilberto/Carlinhos Brown collaboration “Aganjú” is taken away from Bahia without straying from Latin America with the electronic beats and sounds from Latin Project. In the beautiful “Next To You,” Steve Hiller removes the original strings and adds bass, drums, guitar and keyboards, giving the song an alt-rock feel with touches of psychedelia. On the other hand, “O Caminho” sounds out of place with its exaggerated beats, and the bastardization of “All Around,” given a Eurojazz arrangement with additional keys and guitar, isn’t very moving.  “Baby,” however, sounds refreshing with Yam Who’s soul/R&B rendition.