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Fats Domino

Fats Domino, Irma Thomas Among Katrina Survivors; Alex Chilton Reported Missing (see update)
Published September 1, 2005

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Fats Domino, initially reported missing in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, has been found safe, as has singer Irma Thomas. Rocker Alex Chilton unaccounted for. All accounted for--see update.

Sept. 7 update--all accounted for. See update.

Friday, Sept. 2 update--Fats Domino was apparently rescued by boat and is safe, his daughter said. 

R&B singer Irma Thomas was also among those to escape to safety.

Reported missing is Alex Chilton, the rock artist who led the popular groups the Box Tops and Big Star. Chilton reportedly loaned his car to friends and decided to stick it out at home, and has not been heard from since.

Original news story:

One of New Orleans' most important musical legends, Antoine "Fats" Domino, is among the missing in New Orleans, having not been heard from since Monday afternoon. Domino, 76, lives with his wife Rosemary and daughter in a three-story pink-roofed house in New Orleans’ 9th ward, which is now under water. On Monday afternoon, Domino told his manager, Al Embry of Nashville, that he would “ride out the storm” at home. Embry is now frantic. Calls have been made to Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco’s office and to various police officials, and though there’s lots of sympathetic response, the whereabouts of Domino and his family remain a mystery.
     Also unaccounted for is Irma Thomas, who was the original singer of what became the Rolling Stones’ hit, “Time is On My Side.”