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World Music Festivals

Orquestra Imperial
September 17, 2005 - September 17, 2005

Orquestra Imperial's Debut Concert at Montclair State University Features Some of Rio's Best Musicians
MSU Amphitheatre
Montclair State University New Jersey



Orquestra Imperial is an Intergenerational 18 - piece collective of some of Rio's best musicians, including Moreno Veloso,  Domenico +2, Wilson das Neves and more. The musically diverse members of Orquestra Imperial began singing old Latino love songs on Monday evenings in 2002, Their shared dream was to be part of a traditional Brazilian orchestra that had that ‘something extra’.  A few years later and Orquestra Imperial has not only succeeded in creating a unique ensemble and sound, but it has also become a music sensation, drawing thousands to their performances in Rio de Janeiro.  Combining different styles from the Carioca scene, the legendary, traditional and contemporary meet in this 18-piece collective to recreate the essence of Brazilian music. Instrumentalist, singer and composer, Wilson das Neves, a master of samba and soul sings alongside Nina Becker and Thalma de Freitas,equally known for her voice and award-winning movie roles.  Add to that, rock musician Rodrigo Amarante, percussionist Domenico Lancelotti, electronica wiz Alexandre Kassin and Moreno Veloso who sings boleros and salsas, and you’ve begun a tour of Brazilian music.  A host of fine musicians join them on guitar, trumpet, trombone, drums, flute and keyboards. 



Orquestra Imperial is: Moreno Veloso-Percussion and vocals, Rodrigo Amarante - vocals, Nina Becker - vocals, Thalma de Freitas - vocals, Nelson Jacobina - solo guitar, Bartolo - rhytmguitar, Pedro Sa - eletric guitar, Berna - keyboards and effects, Rubinho Jacobina - electric piano, Kassin - eletric-bass,