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Johnny Clegg with Savuka & Juluka
Published July 26, 2005

Live! And More...
Eagle Vision

Without a doubt, Johnny Clegg made history. With his ’70s/’80s band Juluka, the white Clegg teamed with the black Sipho Mchunu in South Africa’s first interracial band, not only defying apartheid but daring to criticize it. Enormously popular despite the lack of airplay at home, the group lasted about seven years, building an international reputation and furthering the concept of world music itself, after which Clegg formed Savuka, a more pop-oriented band that also commanded a sizable worldwide audience. This generous collection of live performances and videos (more tilted toward the Savuka years) ranges from the inspired to the cloying, as the latter-career material veers further from the South African roots and aims squarely at MTV territory.