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First Annual Sulha Benefit Concert For Peace In New York City On November 8
Published October 23, 2008

Music, multiculturalism and spirituality are celebrated with performances by Hassan Hakmoun, Karsh Kale and more.

New York City, one of the most multicultural cities in the world, will serve as the fitting backdrop for the first annual Sulha Benefit Concert For Peace on November 8. Sulha is a non-profit organization working to develop a culture of peaceful co-existence and equality amongst Israelis, Arabs, Jews and Muslims.  The concert, centered around Sulha’s founder Gabriel Meyer, will celebrate these efforts and bring together a group of ethnically and religiously diverse musicians and speakers from all over the world including Sulha Peace Project founder Gaby Meyer, Rumi poetry expert Coleman Barks, spiritual figurehead Gabriel Cousens MD, who launched the acclaimed Tree Of Life Center, acclaimed actress Debra Winger, and world-renowned musicians Hassan Hakmoun (photo) and Karsh Kale. The event will be produced by two of New York City’s most well-respected figures in the global music scene, Fabian Alsultany and Brice Rosenbloom


Other musicians who will participate in the day’s unique cross-cultural collaborations include a mix of NY and international artists and speakers including Haale (singer), Ron Guttman (Broadway Producer and acclaimed actor), Morley (singer) Adam Rudolf (percussions, Amen (Gaby Meyer’s band from Israel), Basya Schecter (singer of Pharaohs Daughter), Brahim Fribgane (oud), Jamshied Sharifi (composer/keyboards), Shahid Habib (singer), Vishal Vaid (singer), and internationally acclaimed healer Parashakti (presenter).


Founded seven years ago by musician Gabriel Meyer and peace activist Elias Jabbour and using the indigenous process of mediation (“Sulha”) as its core teachings, the Sulha Peace Project hosts an annual three-day gathering that integrates listening circles, multi-cultural workshops, sacred interfaith rituals, shared meals, and the arts, from Arab and Jewish traditions.  They appeal to a broad cross-section of Israeli and Palestinian society, secular and religious. Hosting an annual three-day gathering The Sulha Peace Project has also been praised by world-renowned leaders such as the Dalai Lama and Bishop Desmond Tutu for its effective ideas in promoting peace in the Middle East.


Sulha Concert For Peace

Who: Debra Winger, Coleman Barks, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Hassan Hakmoun, Karsh Kale, Vishal Vaid, Gabriel Meyer, Amen, and more