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Postcards From The Stars And The Ricky Martin Foundation Team Up To Help Children Around The Globe
Published October 21, 2008

Internet video-delivery system lets users send personalized celebrity greetings to their loved ones and donate to charity.

Postcards From The Stars and The Ricky Martin Foundation today announce a strategic alliance that brings together a groundbreaking new digital media company from Puerto Rico, and the island’s most celebrated music superstar. This homegrown partnership has been formed to unveil a cutting-edge online video technology with a launch that will also benefit the charitable organization’s initiatives for children’s rights across the world.

Postcards From The Stars is an Internet-driven video delivery system that allows the user the unique opportunity to send personalized messages from a personality to a friend or loved one, creating a memorable experience that far-surpasses previous online greeting messages. Recipients will receive a personalized video greeting from their favorite celebrity – who addresses them by name and geographic area, and extends wishes for a “Happy Birthday,” “Congratulations on your Anniversary,” or numerous other special sentiments on behalf of the sender. It is affordable, delivered quickly and as simple as making a few fast online selections anytime.

With Postcards From The Stars having developed this proprietary technology in Puerto Rico, it was natural to turn to the island’s most globally recognized cultural ambassador to be the first participant. Impressed by the ability to help fans share their emotions with friends and loved ones, and recognizing a charitable potential for his continuing work on behalf of children at risk, Ricky Martin eagerly agreed to participate:

“This is honestly fascinating, as I have never seen online technology like this before. It is a great honor that the ‘Postcard from the Stars’ initiative began in Puerto Rico and that they approached me to be the first participant to help fans personalize the expression of their emotions. It is wonderful that we are creating another tool to reach across borders and connect individuals around the world – and in doing so, allowing us to also continue our mission of helping thousands of children.”

Starting today, fans will be able to visit to launch the online greeting program. From each digital greeting sent – at the cost of just $3.99 – a donation will be made to The Ricky Martin Foundation to help fund their globally recognized advocacy work to prevent child trafficking as well as to provide for the over-all well being of children around the globe in critical areas such as social justice, education and health.

After a 60-day introductory period with greetings exclusively featuring Ricky Martin, Postcards From The Stars plans to introduce digital greetings featuring other internationally known personalities and celebrities.