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World Music CD Reviews Greater Latin America


By Ernest Barteldes
Published October 16, 2008


Probably the most interesting feature of this Colombian duo is the fact that they do not take themselves too seriously, allowing them to relax and just have plenty of fun with their music. Their sources seem to come from everywhere, and even an old Berlitz-like ESL tape is used in between beats of “Matanza Funk,” which also appeared on the soundtrack of La Mujer De Mi Hermano a few years back. In one of the best moments, Juana Awad adds vocals to “Almamazónia,” a tune that sounds like a strange mash-up between cumbia and electronica at first, but somehow works once you get its mood. Incidentally, the disc is named after the bus drivers in their native country (the word is a corruption of the English word “pick up”). There is no clear reference to them throughout the disc, but it doesn't matter – Picotero makes for a great party disc.