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Discos 605/SONYBMG And RED Distribution’s World Music Series Now In Stores
Published October 9, 2008

The ten-title A Night In… collection features classic and contemporary compositions from Europe, the Caribbean, and North and South America.

In a country exposed to a potpourri of culture and world sensibility, music being one of its principal outlets of expression, a complete international music series is about to hit the market on September 9th, 2008. Discos 605 of SONYBMG and RED Distribution have teamed up to bring a treasure of great and exhilarating world music appropriately titled A Night In…


A ten-title series of ten different countries, enriched with a historical and unique repertoire extracted directly from the vault and solely owned by SONY BMG, this collection is best depicted by its creators as “…timeless music that can only be described as the groove, the pulse, the energy, the air, the flavor, the aroma, the heart and the soul of every street, village, town, and city from each of it’s respective countries.”


The diversity in genres and compositions that range from classics to contemporary are selected in fifteen remarkable songs that demonstrate each country’s best contributions to music: the composers’ cultural musical approach has won them countless admirers and followers throughout the world. The series brings forth music history and folklore and educates with introductory liner notes of characteristic personalities of each homeland. Its fine package design of significant landmarks and produced on recycled and recyclable paper – all Eco friendly – is an invitation to explore the various rhythms of each territory connecting the listener to the music of the world.


These ten titles feature European, Caribbean, North and South American countries.


A Night In… France entices listeners to traditional French pop -with a twist- in Henri Salvador’s ingenious jazzy guitar work and Brazilian influence of “Syracuse” and   compositions and vocals of 90’s superstar, Patrick Bruel, in “Les Amants de St Jean.”  


A Night In… Italy presents us one of opera’s most exquisite voices: tenor Feruccio Tagliavini delights us with the memorable “O<