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World Music CD Reviews Europe

Mariana Sadovsky

By Ernest Barteldes
Published August 21, 2008


This Ukranian-born singer traveled throughout the villages of the mountain towns near the Polish border with a tape recorder in hand to document the dying folk songs of the region. The results of her research, which took over a decade to put together, vary in theme—on “Lullaby Lament,” a mother expresses sadness as she frets about whether her child will be there for her when old age comes calling, while “In An American Saloon: Immigrant Song” is a drinking ditty about the longing that many expatriates feel when they’re far away from home. Sadovska has a strong, dramatic voice with a unique vibrato, which she uses deftly to express the poignant emotions that run like rivulets through her music. Her many fans witnessed as much at a recent live show at Joe’s Pub in New York, where she showcased this beautiful and mysterious music.