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World Music CD Reviews Europe


By James Rodgers
Published August 21, 2008

Little Lucid Moments
Rune Grammofon

Since coming together in 1989, Bent Saether and Hans Magnus Ryan have made up the core of Norway’s Motorpsycho, and they’ve done it with a few different drummers. Most of their nearly 20 years in the avant-psychedelic firmament were spent playing with Hakon Gebhardt, but on 2005’s Black Hole/Black Canvas, Saether and Ryan themselves filled in on the skins along with Jacco an Rooij, and although up to this point the band had just about perfected its own brand of noodling “stoner” rock, it seemed like flotation had become the sole motivation. Now, joining the band with youth and energy to spare is drummer Kenneth Kapstad, who puts a brand new motor in Motorpsycho. His strong percussive heart is all over this album’s four long excursions, from the 11-minute “Year Zero” to the 21-minute, four-part suite of the title track. You can still play “spot the ’70s influence,” from Kansas to Pink Floyd to a little Ozzy Osbourne (and even vintage CSN in the vocal harmonies), but with renewed spirit, Motorpsycho are back to their old selves again.