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Dominique Cravic Et Les Primitifs Du Futur

By Jill Ettinger
Published August 21, 2008

Tribal Musette

When one thinks of France, music often takes a back seat to the country’s great food, wine and art, but there’s a rich history (and bright future) that drives a number of modern French musical styles. Musette, also known as bal-musette, is likely familiar to your ears: humming accordions, sensual melodies, subdued horns and soft vocals characterize the sound. As one of France’s beloved sons, Dominique Cravic is no stranger to musette, but the rest of the world might know him best for his acoustic guitar work on Henri Salvador’s Chambre Avec Vue, or for collaborating with American comic legend R. Crumb, who has a deep love for old music, particularly musette, and makes a guest appearance on mandolin here. With more than 50 musicians from the global tribe along for the ride, Tribal Musette delves deep into traditional sounds, but gets some gorgeously spiced flavors from the world pantry, delivering some delicate and magical moments where the past sidles up to the future. When cultures melt together so seamlessly that it’s hard to tell what divides them, the experience should always be this beautiful, enchanting and humbling.