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The Shanghai Restoration Project Gets Attention During Olympic Coverage
Published August 19, 2008

Instrumentals Day And Night, the latest album by The Shanghai Restoration Project has been featured by several major networks during their Olympic Coverage. The Project’s music is gaining much renown and recognition for this cross-cultural masterpiece that fuses the East and the West.

The Shanghai Restoration Project double disc album entitled Instrumentals Day And Night, released internationally on August 5th, 2008, by Warner Music’s Independent Label Group has in just two weeks time appeared on major television and major radio networks to a worldwide audience. NBC (host network of Beijing Olympics), BBC and NPR have all featured this cross-cultural masterpiece that fuses East and West in their Olympic coverage.


In a recent NPR interview with Project creator Dave Liang, it was explained to audiences that the Project is an experiment in cross-cultural soundscapes, drawing its creative inspiration from the old 1930s Shanghai jazz bands and reviving this exotic blend by introducing Eastern instruments to the Western sounds of hip-hop and electronica. Not only is the music an extraordinary combination of styles, but it is also widely used in many international advertising and marketing campaigns.


On the heels of the early success of both the double disc album release and sell-out shows in Los Angeles and New York City The Shanghai Restoration Project hopes to continue to bring the live experience to an even wider audience with modern video footage of Shanghai used, bringing the Chinese landscape to a U.S. audience.