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Hossam Ramzy Presents
Published August 6, 2005

Visual Melodies: Egyptian Bellydance Featuring Serena Ramzy

Hossam Ramzy is a legend of Egyptian dance music and one of the world’s leading advocates and promoters of bellydance, with 22 solo albums to his credit. His philosophy is, “The true art of Oriental dance is to visually hear the music,” and this DVD collection aims to elucidate exactly that. On three songs, Hossam’s wife, the accomplished bellydancer Serena Ramzy, demonstrates choreographies that can be viewed in their entirety or individually. An additional “educational” section allows for the dances to be viewed from different angles. While that feature will no doubt be instructive to anyone seeking to learn the art, a longer, more straightforward performance of featuring Serena Ramzy’s dancing would make for a more entertaining program. Note: This DVD is available in PAL format only.