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Pete Seeger Calls For Involvement On "At 89"
Published August 11, 2008

The ageless Seeger continues to give voice to the issues that need to be heard, but he's also going to release a new album entitled At 89.

As he heads into his tenth decade, Pete Seeger is still spreading his message of personal responsibility and inclusive activism through song.  "Think globally, act locally" has long been a Seeger credo.  On his latest 'At 89,' out September 30 on Appleseed Recordings, Seeger calls for listeners not just to join him in song, but also in making a difference in their communities and the world.

On "Or Else! (One-a These Days),"  while Seeger sings of a future where schools will get the money they need "and the Navy will hold a bake sale to build a battleship" over banjo and full vocal chorus, he reminds listeners that "God gave us brains, He meant us to use 'em."

"If It Can't Be Reduced" is a gently bouncing ode to Berkley, CA's Zero Waste Commission, celebrating their strict environmental legislation and efforts to reduce, reuse, rebuild, refurbish, refinish, resell, recycle and compost.

Taking lyrics from a Malvina Reynolds poem and merging them with his own melody, on "If This World Survives" Seeger embraces the belief that if it does it will be "because of the great souls in our community."

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