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Natacha Atlas/Transglobal Underground
Published August 6, 2005

Natacha Atlas/Transglobal Underground

Belgian-born Natacha Atlas first surfaced in the early ’90s as the lead singer and bellydancer with Transglobal Underground, bringing an Arabic sensibility to the U.K.-based electro-dance-pop group. She’s been recording solo for 10 years now, and this DVD collection is intended as the companion piece to Atlas’ recently released CD best-of. It includes a nod to TU in the form of four videos, but the bulk of the program consists of eight Atlas videos, a six-song 2003 live performance in London, and an interview. In concert she exudes a charismatic powerhouse presence, but it’s the videos that are the most fun here: although close to amateurish in production values at times, they display Atlas’ progressive musical outlook and ever-present dynamism.