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Los Tigres Del Norte Set To Tour The U.S.
Published July 29, 2008

By Charissa Che

Known as the godfathers of norteno music, Los Tigres Del Norte are set to follow up the release of their new album and recent Grammy win with a nationwide tour of the U.S.

The San Jose-based Los Tigres Del Norte have, for decades, been widely hailed for their  celebratory music which honored the immigrant experience. Sung in uptempo, polka-inflected narratives known as corridos, these songs chronicle life on the other side of the border and the sacrifices involved in the journey.


The band’s music is reflective of their own struggles: In 1968, a 14-year old Jorge Hernandez came to the United States with his brothers to provide for their family when their rancher father became disabled. Beginning in the '70s, Jorge and his brothers innovated the traditional conjunto sound, adding a drum kit, electric guitars and bass and saxophone to the century-old, accordion-driven acoustic style.


The rest, as they say, is history. After releasing more than 50 albums, receiving hundreds of accolades—which included a Grammy Award—and garnering a worldwide fanbase, Jorge and his band of brothers have come to embody the American dream.    


Los Tigres Del Norte have been called the godfathers of norteno music—a brand of Mexican music that predominantly utilizes the accordion and bajo sexto (a twelve-string Mexican guitar). Los Tigres Del Norte have been instrumental in helping to modernize the genre, adding electric bass guitars and modern percussion to the mix. Norteño continues to be one of the most popular types of modern Mexican music today, but it is also gaining rapid popularity in the United States.


After winning the Best Norteño Album Grammy Award for the second consecutive year and achieving another #1 album with their recently released album Raices (Roots), Los Tigres Del Norte are set to tour the States, beginning on August 2 under their label, Fonovisa. The tour will wrap up on November 29. For more information, please visit our tour dates page.