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The Bachata Roja Legends Tour Makes Its Mark In The U.S.
Published July 22, 2008

New York-based indie label iASO records presents The Bachata Roja Legends Tour, which will bring Dominican musical legends to the U.S. for the first time.

The Bachata Roja Legends Tour follows the critical success of indie label iASO records’ Bachata Roja collection, which has been released earlier this year. The tour will feature the U.S. debut of several of the legendary Dominican musicians who appeared on the original album.


Bachata Roja Legends brings together three icons of the Dominican Republic's roots bachata tradition, singers Ramon Cordero, "El Chivo Sin Ley" (a.k.a. Isidro Cabrera Orlando) and guitar giant Edilio Paredes. These pioneering veterans are joined by emerging bachata star, singer-guitarist, Joan "El Duque" Soriano. These music greats charted the course of bachata music's rise to international popularity creating one of the greatest Afro-Caribbean dance styles, while struggling under decades of censorship.


Bachata Roja's romantic, guitar-driven ballads and irresistible dance rhythms represent the roots of today's pop bachata—a multi-million dollar genre that's a staple of contemporary Latin radio and this tour is a unique opportunity to see and hear the originators play this music live.

Please check our tour dates page for more information on this event.