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National Geographic Music TV Launches In The U.S.
Published July 22, 2008

Beginning this month, the National Geographic Channel has begun airing late night video blocs of modern global music, here in the States.

Already a sensation in Europe and Latin America, the National Geographic Channel, 24/7 satellite music video channel Nat Geo Music TV is making its mark in its home turf, the U.S., offering audiences the best in international music video programming.


All this month the National Geographic Channel (NGC) will feature late night blocs of music videos from around the world. Listeners will be treated to an innovative mix of world music classics and modern global buzz bands—a testament to the groundbreaking nature of Nat Geo Music TV.


Aside from music videos, concerts, interviews and documentaries will be aired, with a focus on stories that make music a vehicle for a better understanding and appreciation of today's global community. Nat Geo Music is progressive and experimental, highlighting ways in which local sounds are evolving to influence artists from different backgrounds and places.