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Raine Maida

By Adam Menceles
Published July 18, 2008

The Hunter's Lullaby

Subdued and reserved while at the same time hard-hitting and powerful, this album takes you into the mind of a real thinker. Raine Maida is in no way a stranger to the “folk hero” tradition sparked by Woody Guthrie (and transported to its sky-shattering extremes by Pete Seeger, Leonard Cohen and, of course, Bob Dylan), although his music is a little more worldly and less message-conscious. With years of experience in the hugely successful Canadian outfit Our Lady Peace, Maida continues to lend his writing and producing expertise to major musical acts and aspiring musicians alike, but this time out, he’s on his own (accompanied in places by backing musicians) with ten tracks of pure unadulterated folk-punk gold. Songs like “Yellow Brick Road” and “China Doll” are accessible to everyone, which in itself is its own revolution—a marked departure from the old beatniks-only coffeehouse formula that sometimes made alt-folk back in the day sound off-putting, strident and posed. The Hunter’s Lullaby will keep your mind fully engaged and your feet firmly planted on the ground, both metaphorically and musically.