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Sauti Za Busara Music Festival- Final Call For Artists
Published July 14, 2008

The final deadline for receiving applications from artists interested in performing at the next music festival is August 31.

The sixth edition of Sauti Za Busara [Sounds Of Wisdom] will take place in Zanzibar during February 12-17.


The main aim of the Festival is to bring people together in celebration of the wealth and diversity of Swahili music. Every year the festival features more than 40 groups, including 30 from East Africa and 10 from other parts of Africa and beyond. This year, the festival is especially keen to encourage more applications from Ethiopia and Horn of Africa, Southern Africa as well as more traditional music groups from East Africa.


Please note that without receiving your application and at least one recent recording, the festival selection committee will not be able to consider your participation when it meets at the beginning of September 2008.


You can apply online in the following languages: 






Assuming your group is selected and that it is possible to find sponsors for international flights, the festival will cover costs for local travel, accommodation and meals in Zanzibar, a modest performance fee - and a magical and unforgettable experience is guaranteed!             

“Festivals bring people together, help invigorate young people’s interest in local culture, help the artists themselves to meet and learn from each other, and promote a new kind of culturally conscious tourism for Tanzania” -Yusuf Mahmoud, Festival Director    

“The biggest smile on my face stayed with me the whole time I was on the mind blowing island, I knew that this was place that I really needed to be.” -Buddha Blaze, Baobab Connections    


“I am still new to music festivals in Africa, but what I can tell is that they are so much more fun than the European ones. The Indian Ocean is right next door, you have sand between your toes, and it's warm people are friendlier, the performers move around in the crowd - and the beer is cheaper” -Pernille, Louder Than Swahili


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