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Best Of The Sugar Hill Years Compilations Set For Release July 8
Published July 1, 2008

Sugar Hill is set to release two new titles as part of their Americana Master Series to honor music greats Doc Watson and Ricky Skaggs.

As part of Sugar Hill’s Americana Master Series, Ricky Skaggs: Best of the Sugar Hill Years and Doc Watson: Best of the Sugar Hill Years will both hit the streets on July 8th, 2008. Researched and compiled from each artist's body of work on the label, these tracks were culled from radio chart toppers, fan mail, downloads, and songs and tunes that are recurrent favorites at live performances.


Doc Watson has been an iconic influence on every acoustic guitar player that has come in his wake. For the Americana Master Series, Watson's Sugar Hill releases span over 40 years, and range from bluegrass selections that exemplify the flat-picking that has become Watson's calling card to gospel and traditional tunes featuring his soulful vocals.


For all he did to bring roots to country, this collection of Ricky Skaggs tracks is basted in bluegrass. Classics like "I'll Stay Around" and "Little Cabin Home On The Hill" from Sweet Temptation show an artist who had internalized the sound and tone of the founding fathers, while Tony Rice's guitar solos introduce overtones of innovation.


These releases are available by request only—so please be sure to get in touch in you'd like to check out these timeless classics.