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World Music CD Reviews World Fusion

Jason Miles & DJ Logic

By Charissa Che
Published June 20, 2008

Global Noize

Less than a minute into Global Noize, you might begin to wonder what the hell you’ve unleashed on yourself—which is precisely the effect that keyboardist Jason Miles and turntable guru DJ Logic seem to be aiming for with this innovative, genre-busting effort. True to the album’s title, the duo traveled the world to record various sound bites, transforming the results into snippets of electronica coupled with hip-hop beats, and throwing elements of jazz and funk into the brew. It’s a disorienting trip, as the leadoff track “A Jam 4 Joe” hammers home: young Indian singer Falu’s sensual intonations are backed by Logic’s deft scratches later on, a saxophone slams into the mix, making for a cacophonous yet strangely engaging listen. “Spin Cycle” mimics a child playing with various quirky sounds on his keyboard—just one of many more eccentricities that make this album a delight, despite the taste being an acquired one. After a few spins, it’s abundantly clear that the brilliant minds behind Global Noize care little for so-called cultural boundaries, and they make no apologies for it