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Nelson Mandela Turns 90
Published June 20, 2008

By Charissa Che

Some of music's biggest names will join forces on June 27 to honor the great Nelson Mandela and his 90th birthday.

Nelson Mandela, a world-renowned civil rights activist against apartheid, turned 90 years old on June 18th. In the days leading up to this special day, fans and supporters worldwide were able to text him their birthday wishes, subsequently creating a huge digital birthday card for one of our most treasured heroes. Many have sent their birthday message, including the Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Sharon Osbourne, Richard Branson, Lenny Henry, MP David Lammy, Sheryl Crow and Josh Groban to name a few.


Mandela’s admirers are welcome to attend the 46664 concert in London’s Hyde Park on Friday June 27, to celebrate his birthday.  The event will feature the likes of multi-million selling classical pop singer Josh Groban and legendary folk rock singer Joan Baez. Jerry Dammers, one of the organisers of Artists Against Apartheid and Nelson Mandela’s 70th birthday concert and whose song ‘Free Nelson Mandela’ became a banner for the 80’s anti-apartheid movement in UK, will make a special appearance. Also lending their voices will be Amy Winehouse, Queen, and new British sensation Leona Lewis.


“The 46664 message is one that needs to be heard in every corner of the world. These artists between them reach into every one of our communities – upholding Mr. Mandela’s message that HIV AIDS is not a local issue, but a universal one,” said a spokesman for 46664.


The concert proceeds will benefit Nelson Mandela’s HIV AIDS charity 46664 that he founded in 2002.