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Nomo Album Out June 17
Published June 17, 2008

By Charissa Che

Band excited by its big step forward sonically and its upcoming tour.

NOMO’s latest effort, entitled Ghost Rock, has been released today, after a year of travail. “It's a big step forward for the band,” acknowledges band leader Elliot Bergman.


Bergman leads 17 Detroit musicians in a tour de force that incorporates elements of funk and Afrobeat, to produce something that is widely acclaimed by critics the world over. Writes Thom Jurek of, “NOMO have created their own brand of music… one that is cohesive, dramatic, fluid, seamless, and lyrical. It defies expectations and easy categorization…This is the instrumental band to watch.” Raves The Washington Post, “Elliot Bergman's Nomo is one of the tightest, swingingest Afrobeat world-jazz bands on the planet.”


“We're very excited to share this new music with you so we're coming to your town,” writes Bergman. “We'll head east and west, north and south, so I hope that we get a chance to see you all.” NOMO plans on touring the nation in their expansive Summer 2008 tour. See our tour dates page for listings.