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Alaska In Winter

By James Rodgers
Published June 13, 2008

Dance Party In The Balkans

This outfit consists primarily of musician and art student Brandon Bethancourt, but he’s supported by a few friends—including, most famously, Beirut’s Zach Condon, who sings and plays ukulele on one song and trumpet on four more. According to Bethancourt, the music sprang from a semester he spent in a cabin in Alaska, and is influenced by his growing up in the low-rider culture of the southwestern U.S. as well as a five-week trip to Eastern Europe. He calls the album Dance Party In The Balkans, so you might expect an upbeat, rollicking club mix of world-tinged hip-hop and dance music, but as the band name suggests, the sound is cold electronica—more attuned to a chillout after-party than the party itself. While much of the instrumentation is recorded live, it all sounds synthesized clean, right down to the vocoder-filtered vocals that make much of the lyrics unintelligible. There’s plenty of stretching out and relaxing, but no dancing going on here.