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World Music CD Reviews Europe

Think Of One

By Tom Orr
Published June 13, 2008

Camping Shaabi
Crammed Discs

Apparently finished with Brazilian grooves for the time being, Belgium’s Think of One returns to Moroccan leanings with Camping Shaabi—a title that recalls a particular form of Berber-based pop known for dance-inducing rhythms. The guest singers and players that augment the band help make for a rousing mix of Arabic, African, Latin, rock, dub jazz, hip hop and electronic sounds, and as it goes with all artists who successfully fuse more elements than might be considered wise (think Manu Chao), there is a degree of eccentricity here, but the overriding musical vision and expertise are what really matter. The rock-rap snarl of tracks like “Oppressor” and “Hamdushi Five” will partially snap you out of the reverie induced by the more traditionally structured songs, and although the disc doesn’t flow as seamlessly as Think of One’s previous work, it still provides ample stimulation for heart, mind and feet.