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Asha Bhosle Celebrates Her 75th Year By Looking To The Future
Published March 26, 2008

The most recorded voice on earth, India’s singing legend Asha Bhosle set to release her new CD 75 years of Asha April 15th and embark on North American Tour.

Asha Bhosle is the most recorded voice on earth, with over 13,000 titles to her credit. She's also a legend in India's “Bollywood” film industry, with a six-decade-long career as a playback singer in over 900 films and an international star whose crossover success includes recordings with Western artists ranging from English pop singer Boy George to the American classical ensemble the Kronos Quartet. Now, Asha is at the helm of a growing family of high-end Indian restaurants, from Dubai to Birmingham, that need only her first name as their calling card. To celebrate her 75th birthday Asha has a brand new recording and a series of U.S. concerts that include Carnegie Hall and L.A.'s Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Looking pointedly forward as she celebrates her 75 years, Asha Bhosle will again use the past only as a springboard to the future with the release of 75 Years of Asha a CD of all-new music set to be released on April 15th on Times Square Records. The recording features new compositions by acclaimed composer Nitin Shankar and will add more material to a musical resume unlike any other in India or the world.

Along with the release, Asha will tour North America from April 4 through April 27 with concerts in Toronto, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Miami, Atlantic City and Los Angeles. Bhosle will be backed by a live 8-piece Bollywood band in a series of intimate, “unplugged”-style concerts that will bypass her countless past hits in favor of the new and the unusual: brand new compositions, older songs that she has never performed live, and unique interpretations of classic songs from Indian film history. Joining her will be singer Amit Kumar, son of the late Indian singing legend Kishore Kumar, with whom Asha recorded countless duets. Amit Kumar is a recording star in his own right, as well as the host of the wildly popular Sony TV series K for Kumar, a talent show seen weekly by millions of South Asian Americans and on which Asha will make a special appearance as a superstar judge.

Asha Bhosle’s career has taken her from the Golden Age of filmi (Indian film music) to her current and crowning artistic achievement: her scheduled award this year of the “Padma Vibushan,” one of the highest civilian honors in India. This award honors a lifetime of artistic achievements that are all the more stunning for a woman of modest means born in India in 1933. Asha and her sister Lata Mangeshkar virtually defined the female voice over two generations of Bollywood musicals, with Asha personifying more rebellious and flirtatious characters against her sister's more cerebral and philosophical style. After a difficult early marriage, Bhosle married one of India's great film composers, R.D. Burman, and they remained one of India’s film industry's true power couples until Burman's death in 1994. After a history-making career in film music, Asha went on to become the first Indian woman ever nominated for a Grammy for her recording “Legacy” with Indian classical musician Ali Akbar Khan. She has collaborated with Western pop artists including Boy George (“Bow Down, Mister”) and R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe (“The Way You Dream'). Bhosle's voice has been sampled by artists from the Black Eyed Peas to Sarah Brightman (in her CD “Harem”) and she broke another musical barrier with her entrance into the classical music world in 2006 via a CD and tour with the Grammy-winning Kronos Quartet. Their work on You've Stolen My Heart earned them a nomination for a 2006 Grammy.

In her private life, Asha has long been known for her passion for the culinary arts and has been called on time and again to cook her special recipes for friends and colleagues. In 2002, she realized a long-time dream with the opening of her first restaurant “Ashe’s” in Dubai, part of what is now a growing collection of eateries with locations in the Middle East (including Kuwait, with Qatar soon to launch) and th