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The 2008 Asian Cultural Festival
Published March 21, 2008

The 2008 Asian Cultural Festival will be held from April 23-27, featuring a variety of performances by artists throughout the Asian continent.

From April 23-27, The 2008 Asian Cultural Festival will be held in Queens Theatre In The Park. The event will feature stand-up comedy, musical performances, and storytelling by some of the most renowned artists in Asia. Listed below are the events set to take place:



Wed, April 23  Mainstage  8:00pm

Dulsori (from Korea)

BINARI: The Spirit of the Beat


Dulsori, meaning “heartbeat of the land” rekindles the spirit of ancient festivals. Drawing on the traditions of Korean farmers who would drum to imitate the sounds of nature and praise the natural forces, Dulsori creates a high energy performance, tapping into the raw power of human emotions and eliminating the barrier between performers and audience.



Thurs, April 24  Mainstage   8:00pm

Kang Eun II Haegumplus (from Korea)

Remembering the Future


Kang Eun II is one of the world’s most acclaimed Haegum artists. She is considered the forerunner of a crossover style which combines traditional Korean music with non-traditional genres.  This musical pioneer has performed with world-renowned artists such as Bobby McFerrin, Yoshia Brother, Luciano Pavarotti, and NHK Orchestra. 



Friday, April 25  Mainstage   8:00 pm

SERIOUSLY (Rock / Alternative / Pop Asian American Band)


Seriously is made up of four young men from Diamond Bar, California (Philip Park, 19 Chris Pahm, 19, Josh Baek, 22