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The True Story of Evita Set To Release March 25, 2008
Published March 4, 2008

The Mystery Of Eva Peron, a film by Tulio Demicheli, is set to be releaed on DVD this month. The film documents the life of Argentina's cultural icon, Evita.

The late Tulio Demicheli is most noted for his films on popular performers including Tito Merello and Santiago Gomez Cru. On March 25, 2008, his film on Evita, entitled, The Mystery Of Eva Peron, will be released on DVD.

Born Maria Eva Duarte de Peron, Evita was widely recognized as a popular actress, seductress, political powerhouse, and cultural icon of Argentina. Stemming from poor origins, she soon advanced socially.Evita champtioned the cause of the less fortunate to the disapproval of the upperclassmen.

The Mystery of Eva Peron features rare film materials and interviews with Evita's personal acquaintances, critics, and historians- effectively providing a full picture of Evita's life, death and the history of postwar Argentina as never seen before. The story of her embalmed corpse which was preserved decades after her death in 1952, serves as a testament to the impact she has made on history. This film is an important historical document of the real Evita, who remains controversial to this day.