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Global Reggae Conference To Be Held Throughout Jamaica February 18-24
Published February 19, 2008

The Institute of Caribbean Studies and the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of the West Indies, Mona announce an international conference on “Global Reggae: Jamaican Popular Music A Yard and Abroad.”

The third in a series focusing on Caribbean culture, “Global Reggae: Jamaican Popular Music A Yard and Abroad.” The conference is to be held February 18-24, 2008 at the University of the West Indies and throughout the island of Jamaica, is the third installment in a series focusing on Caribbean culture. It is to be held in association with the Recording Industry Association of Jamaica (RIAJam), the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission, the Bob Marley Foundation, and the Jamaica Tourist Board. The event aims to pay tribute to the generation of musicians who have created reggae, icons such as: Count Matchuki, Don Drummond, Count Ossie, Mrs. Pottinger, and Prince Buster included.


Reggae music is arguable one of Jamaica's most distinctive contribution to world culture. This 2008 conference will provide an opportunity for musicians, scholars, cultural practitioners and entrepreneurs from Jamaica and around the world to reflect on and document the global impact of reggae. 


Ultimately, this conference will be geared towards convening music business leaders and artists to collectively explore the achievements and to shape the future of Jamaica's globalized reggae. To spread global awareness of this important Jamaican contribution, several keynote speakers will be present to share varied perspectives on the ways in which Jamaican reggae has been adapted in a variety of cultural contexts.