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World Music CD Reviews Europe

Pavadita Tango String Quartet

By Robert Kaye

Con Cuerda

From the very first measures of their latest album, this talented all-female Danish string quartet plays with dexterity and panache, ably performing tangos that were especially composed for string quartet, as well as their own special arrangements. Availing themselves of an evocative repertoire, the two violinists (Sophie de Rijk and Ananta Roosens), violist (Laura Valenzuela) and cellist (Eva van de Poll) easily navigate some challenging passages, most of which clock in like stylistically diverse pop tunes, with nothing over five minutes long. “Nocturna” is immediately impressive, with its bouncy melody further highlighted by the ensemble’s ability to conjure all sorts of sounds from their string family instruments, including modern percussive sounds. “Caseron de Tejas,” meanwhile, is reminiscent of a waltz, but in a darker-sounding, minor key. Vocalist Maria Jose Ortiz appears on two tracks, adding even more flavor to this delicious musical mélange.