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World Music CD Reviews Greater Latin America

Kany Garcia

By Nils Jacobson

Cualqier Dia
Sony BMG Music

When you spin this Puerto Rican vocalist’s debut release, you’ll probably find yourself zeroing in on her voice, her lyrics and her vocal melodies—but perhaps not the arrangements, which are pretty much standard contemporary pop. García herself admits that lyrics are at the heart of her music (they’re printed in the liner notes for Spanish speakers to enjoy in their entirety), and her reflections are quite poetic in a self-conscious but totally unpretentious way. They fit naturally in softer settings like “¿Adónde Fue Ceclia?”—a ballad that allows her to explore the sensitive, often quivering quality in her voice. Many of the songs start out quiet and mellow, gradually ramping up in intensity until they assume a much more energetic folk rock mode, which García matches nicely with a sharper, stronger tone. Each cut is perfectly geared for pop radio, where García undoubtedly will reach a wide audience.