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Afro-Peruvian Pioneers Peru Negro Heat Up 45 U.S. Cities For Their 2008 Tour
Published January 15, 2008

Grammy and Latin Grammy-nominated Peruvian group Peru Negro are set to wow American audiences on their 2008 tour, which spans 46 cities over the course of three months.

Peru Negro was the little Peruvian music genre-bending group that could.  Ronaldo Campos de Colina started the band over three decades ago: it consisted of 12 members which soon expanded into a 20-person troupe. Zamba Malato, their long-awaited follow-up to 2004's Jolgorio is set to be promoted and celebrated on a nationwide tour spanning 46 cities beginning on January 22.

The group's new effort draws upon the inspired Afro-Peruvian carnival of songs and dances that trace their history to the arrival of African slaves in Peru in the 1600's. The Village Voice raved of Peru Negro's live performance: "From these tragic beginnings came a joyous artform." Peru Negro has ignited an interest in Afro-Peruvian beats that stemmed from their home turf and is quickly spreading abroad. The group has now become the standard for the hybrid genre it represents.

Their live shows will consist of an enthralling cross-section of African-descended styles that had all but disappeared from Peruvian culture by the 1950's- featuring dances that are regaling, sensual, and harrowing. The centerpiece of rhythm is the cajón, or crate drum, a percussion “instrument” that traces its birth to Peru's slave quarters.

Peru Negro's 2008 tour will feature new material from Zamba Malato, as well as their acclaimed reinterpretations of classic Afro-Peruvian songs. Listed below are their upcoming tour dates.

1.22.08                Roy Thompson Hall               Toronto Ontario, CN
1.24.08 8PM          Community Theater at the Mayo Ctr          Morristown, NJ    
1.25.08 8PM          Proctor's Theater                     Schenectady NY    
1.26.08 8PM          City Center                    New York, NY    
1.27.08 3PM          The Concert Hall                    Purchase, NY    
1.28.08 10AM          The Concert Hall                    Purchase, NY    
1.29.08 8PM          Chandler Center for the Arts               Randolph, VT    
1.30.08 2PM          University Theater <Residency Activity>     New Haven, CT    
1.30.08 8PM          University Theater                New Haven, CT    
1.31.08 TBA          University Theater                    New Haven, CT    
2.01.08 TBA          Zellerbach Theater Annenberg Center          Philadelphia, PA    
2.02.08 8PM          Center for the Arts Concert Hall          Fairfax, VA    
2.05.08 10AM      &