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World Music CD Reviews Greater Latin America


By Ernest Barteldes
Published January 14, 2008

Historias De Los Brujos, Segunda Parte

According to this unusual album's liner notes, “this is the second part of the traditional tales left by our ancestors before the invasion of Western European people and the loss of our identity.” The music sounds like the soundtrack to a story, told through mingled acoustic and percussive sounds, from the opening track “La Creacion Del Mundo” (The Creation Of The World), which begins with near-silence for more than a minute before moving into a mix of sounds that seem to come from the depths of the Brazilian, Colombian and Ecuadorian Amazon (where some tribes still live with little or no contact with the civilized world). Some tracks have a creepy feel, like “El Viaje al Xibalba” (Journey To Xibalba), which conjures images of being trapped inside a 1950s horror flick. This is either a study in probing the dimensions of sonic textures, or an alternative to your new age mantra CD.