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Legendary Argentine Rockers Todos Tus Muertos To Release Greatest Hits On Nacional Records
Published December 14, 2007

Music from the highly-influential punk/reggae rock group has been out of print in the United States for almost 10 Years, but now Todos Tus Muertos is back with a Greatist Hits release on Nacional Records February 19.

Nacional Records has announced the release of a new greatest hits album by iconic Argentine rasta-punk band Todos Tus Muertos. The album, to be released on February 19, is a collection of the group’s classic tracks as well as several bonus songs. Highlights include “Dale Aborigen,” featuring Manu Chao as well as members of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs and Los Autenticos Decadentes. With Greatest Hits, Todo Tus Muerto’s songs will be available at digital outlets for the first time ever.

Todos Tus Muertos (“All Your Dead”) was born in 1985 with singer Pablo “Dronkit Master” Molina, guitarist Horacio “Gamexane” Villafañe, bassist Félix Gutiérrez, drummer Pablo Potenzoni and singer Fidel Nadal. The group named itself in honor of the tens of thousands killed by former Argentine dictator Jorge Rafael Videla. Todos Tus Muertos quickly broke onto an unsuspecting Buenos Aires music scene with its unique mixture of social messages and massive doses of punk, ragga, reggae and raw energy.

After being named the Best International Group by the leading 1990s Latin-rock magazine La Banda Elastica, Todos Tus Muertos gained attention around the world. Renowned for their explosive live shows, Todos Tus Muertos have toured across North America, South America, Europe and Asia throughout their storied career. Their music has influenced scores of new artists throughout Latin America.

Greatest Hits – Tracklisting:

1. Andate
2. Rasta Vive
3. Sé Que No / Requebra
4. No Te La Vas A Acabar
5. Todo Lo Daría
6. Tu Alma Mía / Adelita
7. Mate
8. Asesinos Profesionales
9. Jah Lion
10. Mandela
11. Hijo Nuestro
12. Políticos
13. Dale Aborigen
14. Lehenbiziko Bala
15. Trece
16. Incomunicado
17. Mandela Dub
18. No Más Apartheid