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Live Reviews

15th Annual Concert of Colors
July 19, 2007 - July 22, 2007

By Alex Anderssen
Max M. Fisher Music Center
Detroit Michigan

Many free concerts require weeding of the good from the bad, but Concert of Colors continues to impress with both its organization and the world class talent it attracts for its three day run. With over 10,000 music fans passing through the doors each day the musical offerings ranged from the great to the sublime.

Hugh Masekela headlined Friday night with his characteristic jazz flair, setting a tone of joyous expression that continued throughout the weekend. Emotional in the extreme and generating an incredible outpouring of communal celebration, the Mondine Novi Italian Women’s Choir joined Fiamma Fumana on the main stage on Saturday afternoon. A gang of grandmothers is a hard thing to resist, and the gift they bestowed on the fans present resonates still. When you’re long in the eye because an 85-year-old weed picker from Emilia Romagna has kept you up until dawn, everything is good with the world-sublime.

Sambasunda, a gamelan ensemble from the Indonesia archipelago were a stand out performance on Saturday afternoon weaving together percussive rhythm and beautifully dissonant vocals, the 17-piece group pulled and pushed the crowd in a seamless to and fro that was simply beautiful.

Sunday’s attractions included They Might Be Giants and Steel Pulse-not a bill you are likely to see anytime soon. It’s also truly symbolic of what Concert of Colors offers-music of all shapes, colors and flavors for fans of all flavors colors and shapes.