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Heartbeat Records Launches Heartbeat Reggae Podcast
Published November 16, 2007

Widely respected for its superb collection of quality reggae, Heartbeat Records has launched the Heartbeat Reggae Podcast web site and podcast, which promises to deliver some of the finest Jamaican music ever recorded.

Heartbeat Records has launched a new web site and podcast called the Heartbeat Reggae Podcast. The web site,, is the official home for the podcast and is the platform on which new episodes are announced. You can listen to and download each new program, as well as dig through the archives of past episodes. The Heartbeat Reggae Podcast delivers some of the finest Jamaican music ever recorded, and keeps you updated on Heartbeat's activities. The podcast is hosted by Heartbeat's own Joshua B, who has 10 years of radio experience in Boston, Massachusetts.

Subscrining to the podcast allows listeners a heads up notice for each new episode. Subscription options are available through a Subscribe link at the site. Subscription options include a variety of web-based podcatchers, iTunes, and e-mail delivery. We look forward to your comments about each show.

Since its launch in 1981, Heartbeat Records has become a benchmark of quality in reggae, widely respected for releasing the best in Jamaican popular music. Heartbeat's catalog is the nearest to a definitive canon of Jamaican popular music, one that is unmatched in its depth and scope.