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Philip Chevron Takes Medical Leave From The Pogues
Published November 2, 2007

Due to a medical emergency, guitarist Philip Chevron of the Pogues will not be performing with the band during their fall show dates.

For the first time since they reunited in December 2001, the Pogues are one man down. Guitarist Philip Chevron, who wrote the band’s emigration classic "Thousands Are Sailing," has not be present for the band’s 2007 summer shows and will continue his absence into the fall.

At the beginning of June Philip was unexpectedly diagnosed with a strand of ”locally advanced” throat cancer which required immediate medical attention. This decision to suspend his live work has the complete support of the other Pogues who wish him a good and complete recovery. Though it is not yet known when Chevron will return to live work, it is hoped that he will again be available towards the end of this year.