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Extra Golden Held In Paris Airport For Being Low On Cash
Published October 26, 2007

On their way to Austria to perform at the Stop Spot Festival in Linz, the members of Extra Golden were detained by police at a Paris airport Wednesday morning for not carrying enough money.

Extra Golden's Kenyan members—Opiyo Bilongo, Onyango Wuod Omari and Onyango Jagwasi—were supposed to arrive at Vienna Airport Wednesday morning for their show at the Stop Spot Festival in Linz this weekend. They did not.

The three musicians had apparently been detained by police at the airport in Paris for not carrying enough money.

Officials did not believe that they were musicians on official invitation to play at an international music festival, even though they had the necessary visas and documentation, and the three musicians were held and interrogated in the airport for several hours during their stopover from Nairobi.

Eventually with the involvement of the Austrian and French embassies, promoters of the festival got approval for the band to fly on to Vienna.

The Stop Spot Festival takes place this weekend, October 26 and 27, in Linz. Barring any other police ridiculousness, Extra Golden is scheduled to play on Friday October 26.

Extra Golden's new album, Hera Ma Nono, is out now on Thrill Jockey.