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New Django Reinhardt DVD To Be Released
Published October 9, 2007

Discover his music, melody and sheer skill in this unique tribute to the king of jazz guitar. Released October 30th 2007.

Django Reinhardt's music still looms as the standard to be attained some 50 years after his death. MVD Visual is releasing a one disk ninty-minute DVD on Reinhardt on October 30th 2007.( Tracks Listed Below.)

Django Reinhardt played the guitar with only two fingers of his left hand and was Europe’s first jazz superstar. He's the unschooled genius who created his own musical and compositional style and became a legend.

Track Listing/Features:
-Mystery Paris
-Musette Folie
-Presentation Stomp
-Tiger Rag
-I Saw Stars Confessin' Solitude
-In A Sentimental Mood
-Honeysuckle Rose
-Limehouse Blues Swing 39
-Dwe Gitari
-Twelvth Year
-Solo Fight
-Lovers Melody
-How High Is The Moon
-Swing 6
-Improvisation No 2
-The Shiek Of Arabia
-When Day Is Done

Discover his music, his melodic abilities, and his skill at achieving simulataniously technical precision and deeply meaningful tonal nuances in this unique tribute to the king of jazz guitar.