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World Music CD Reviews Africa

Various Artists

By Tom Orr
Published October 5, 2007

The Afro Club Night
Lola’s World

Frequently tasty and never veering into terrible, The Afro Club Night is two discs’ worth of African-tinged dance-floor music. There’s a few familiar names here, including Afrobeat crown prince Femi Kuti, Senegalese rappers Daara J. and Afro-Peruvian experimenters Novalima, but the contributors come from all over and the offerings are equally diverse. Modernized though it all is, the collection works best when the African part isn’t too smothered in technology. Thus the bata rhythms of Raw Artistic Soul’s “Nawella,” the cavernous wail of Jesse Rose’s “Sticks And Stones” and the dense percussion forefront that propels “Obatala Y Oduduwa” by Osunlade and Sambas are just a few examples of the African diaspora getting some good cutting edge respect.