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Martin Sexton

By Stacy Meyn
Published October 5, 2007

Kitchen Table

Martin Sexton grew up absorbing ’70s radio and its rock and soul artists who gleefully ripped off the bluesmasters. Harvard Square beckoned and he sold 20,000 of his demo recordings in 1992 simply by busking. A few actual albums later, Billboard was lauding Sexton as a master of maverick American music. Released on his own Kitchen Table imprint, Seeds again features Sexton and his guitar performing grade-A troubadour-styled music—his instrument ringing and dynamic, his voice a soulful baritone one moment, a skittering falsetto the next. He equates songs to seeds that can grow and change the world, and his seventh collection infuses mellow rock with country, folk, funk, and gospel. It is anything but a snoozer, though the lyrics are vivid and make you listen, and his voice metamorphoses into its own driven chorus. Truly this is material about everyday things that are important to all of us.