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Les Pommes De Ma Douche

By Tom Orr
Published October 5, 2007

On N’est Pas La Pour Se Faire Engueuler
Le Chant Du Monde

Their name translates as something like “my showerheads,” while also humorously nodding at this quintet’s connection to manouche (or Gypsy jazz). They’re not gypsies themselves, and the fact that their album includes compositions by Count Basie and Astor Piazzolla shows they’re not out to please manouche purists and no one else. Tight, swinging and absolutely charming throughout, On N’est Pas La Pour Se Faire Engueuler showcases Les Pommes De Ma Douche’s lineup of dual acoustic guitars, accordion, violin and contrabass on pieces rich with both sass and melancholy. A steady, percussive guitar strum is at the heart of many of the tracks, a springboard for the accordion, violin and lead guitar to converse and trade solos as an assured big bass strut holds down the bottom end. It’s a sound cultivated in decades past, played by guys who certainly enjoy laying it down as much as you’ll enjoy hearing it.